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Julia related pages
The Jessica Steen page, George's tribute to the lady that gave life to the character of Julia Heller.

Earth2 Fanfiction
"Sin Was Born in a Paradise", an Earth2 Adult Fan Fiction Site Exploring the Dark Side of Planet G889
Andy's Earth 2 Fanfiction archive
Station Chronicles Website
Complete list of all fanfiction out there in cyberspace and in fan magazines. The stories themselves are not linked, but it does list all the authors, their stories, and a time line. It's a good place to start if you just want to know what is out there (in terms of Earth 2 stories).
Earth2 RolePlayingGame: the players, the story

Episode guides and Analysis
A Gaian Hypothesis
The Earth 2 Nitpicker's Guide
Earth2: The Journey of a Lifetime

Fanclubs and Fanmeetings
Earth 2: Eden Advance is a fan club for supporters of Earth 2, united in the effort to make sure that "The Journey Continues..."
Earth 2:Eden Advance cordially invites you to New PacifiCon 2000!
HellerHofFest '99 is the European Convention for Euro Edenites.
EuroCon 2001 is the European Convention for Euro Edenites.
Earth2 5th Anniversary Reunion Party - It was a Blast...

E2 Pictures
Definitive Earth2 Picture Page
SciFi Advance: Earth2 Picture Page

General Earth2 pages
The Journey Continues Network
The Eden Project
Amy's Earth2 site, includes the Keeper's list
The Official Homepage of KOBA-TV; if you like your E2 with a good dose of humor.
Destiny and Earth2

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