Multi media

Though I am sure most people will have all episodes of Earth 2 featuring Dr. Heller on video, I did want to add a couple of clips here. These are some of my favorite scenes. I am taking requests, so if you want to see another Julia-scene, contact the webdoc, and I'll try to add it.

All clips require RealVideo Player G2, which you can download for free from RealMedia's website.

Celebrate life a little

Taken from 'First Contact'

Just out of cold sleep, Julia has to deal with Alonzo's come-ons.
Clip length: 44 secs.
File size: 122 Kb.
Hey Zed, take me

Taken from 'Redemption'

Julia tries to throw herself in the path of the Zed's bullet meant for Alonzo.
Clip length: 35 secs.
File size: 93 Kb.
You will die running

Taken from 'Redemption'

Reilly threatens Julia to deliver the boy or she will die running.
Clip length: 24 secs.
File size: 76 Kb.
Just jump in...

Taken from 'Brave new pacifica'

Alonzo is tempted to 'just jump in' the current to see where it takes him.
Clip length: 45 secs.
File size: 126 Kb.
I'm coming with you.

Taken from 'After the thaw'

When Danziger goes out to find Alonzo, Julia wants to go with him.
Clip length: 29 secs.
File size: 89 Kb.