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Disclaimer: although the Koba Awards are a part of New PacifiCon 2000, this site is NOT the official NP2000 website nor is the NP2000 ConCom responsible for its content.
If you want to know more about NewPacificon 2000, visit the official site!

What are the Koba Awards?

"The film industry has the Oscars. TV has the Emmys. Broadway has the Tonys. Sci-Fi has the Hugos and the Nebulas.

And now...Earth 2 has the Kobas!

The New Pacificon Convention Committee is proud to announce the ultimate Earth 2 fan fiction contest, the Koba Awards!"

A ripple of excitement ran through E2 Fanfic land when the NP2000 ConCom made this announcement. Brains went into top gear trying to devise plots. People eagerly searched their hard disk and notepads for that one brilliant-but-not-yet-finished piece of fanfic they had been working on.

This site is dedicated to the Koba Awards nominations. Its intention is to be a source for writers to become aware if they are nominated; fanfic readers can find out if their favorite story has been nominated and if so, they can take part in the voting which decides what stories will win a Koba Award.

Please be advised that in no way am I involved in the nominating and/or voting process, the Koba Awards or NP2000 -- except as a future attendee of the Con, that is :-)

-- Webmaster

The Winners

Best Devon and Danziger Story

"Moon Dance" by Lia Faile

Best Julia and Alonzo Story

"Eye of the Beholder" by Tara O'Shea

Best Morgan and Bess Story

"The Station Chronicles: Martin Advance" by Mary Brick

Best "Thawing Devon" Story

"A Bond Unbroken" by Vicky Nickerson (Seleya)

Best "Spy on Board" Story

"The Ultimate Betrayal" by Nicole Mayer

Best "Uly's Father" Story

"The Universe Sometimes Keeps Her Secrets" by Douglas Neman

Best Alternative Universe Story

"Dystopia" by Deb Wilson

Best Crossover Story

"Earth Who" by Douglas Neman
"Above and Beyond Earth 2" by Ann White

Best Series

"The Station Chronicles" by various authors

Best Time Before Earth 2 Story

"Station Chronicles: Heller and Beyond" by Simon Kattenhorn

Best Years After Earth 2 Story

"Choices" (from Tales from the Grinning Grendler) by Tara O'Shea

Best Drama

"Devon, Alone" by Nicole Mayer

Best Romance

"Broken Arrow (Answering Fire)" (from In the Heart of Eden) by Beth Blighton

Best Comedy

"The Wizard" (from Eden Project 2) by Ann White

Best Parody

"The Wizard" by Ann White
"G889 Wars" by Nicole Mayer

Best Filk

"I Am the Very Model of a Modern Station Bureaucrat" by Anne Wochner

Best Poem

"Morgan Dissed in 7,6" by Ona Sostakas

Best Fanzine

"May The Journey Continue, The Official NP '98 Fanzine" Mary Brick, Debra Wilson, Robin Carter (editors)

Best Story-That-Doesn't-Fit-Any-Other-Category

"Secrets and Stilettos" by Nicole Mayer

Best Earth 2 Fan Fiction Ever

"Dreams Of A Lost Tribe" by Vicky Nickerson (Seleya)
"Choices" by Tara O'Shea

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